I have a party catering order to do today.. and of all the food on earth, I have been asked to do wraps..
I prefer to make quesedillas, not wraps..
But at 9 $ a wrap, I better not complain..
So if any of you know how to make wraps or any hints you can give, please do leave a comment..

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  1. Wraps…huh? I’m assuming you are going to use pita bread for the wraps.I love to use some sort of sauce or chutney spread all over the bread prior to stuffing things inside.For eg: corriander chutney would be great(corriander leaves,lil coconut,green chillies if spice needed,lemon juice,lil yogurt and salt ground into a smooth paste).This will keep the wrap moist but not too wet which might make it soggy.For stuffing I would try minced meat or thinly sliced chicken with sauteed onions,bell peppers and lil rice.A good veggie wrap would be stuffing containing mushrooms,bell peppers (all 3 colors) and onions.Chick peas would be good too for veggies.Good luck!

  2. Avani:Thank you.
    I am thinking of using tortillas..I have a Panini grill, so I can toast the wraps.. I loved your filling ideas.. How do I use Chickepeas as a filling? I have used Hummus as a spread..but never tried chickpeas on its own.

    Entey ammo..in 4 hours I need to make 24 wraps..and I am still using google maharaja and looking for recipes!

  3. If you are into mixing cuisines, try the satay wraps. Tortillas, peanut satay tofu ( me veggie, please substitute as needed ), hot sauce, some shredded lettuce.

    You can have a sweet and sour dipping sauce too and it works wonders!

  4. Chaos: Thank you..My son loves satay..But I have never thoought of making a wrap with Satay.. That is a brilliant suggestion.

    This what I finally decided to make

    For Vegetarians.. Mixed pepper. mushroom stir fry with tandoori paneer. I used Philadelphia garlic and cream dip as a spread on the tortilla.
    For Non veg: I am doing beef teriyaki on a bed of flavoured rice with julienned carrots and snap peas.
    They also wanted Tandoori chicken( bone less) wrap.. i can’t decide what vege will go with Tandoori chicken.. perhaps green and red peppers..

  5. sarah,
    I have never tried but this is what I have in my head – a lemony salad with lettuce,onions,tomatoes(all cut very small almost minced) and chick peas.toss these with olive oil and lemon juice and use as stuffing.and hummus will be good for the spread on the tortilla…for thsi one.

  6. avani: Since I had extra Tortillas and we always have few cans of Chickpeas in the pantry, I decided to make chickpeas wrap as an after school snack for the kids..
    I tweaked it a bit by tossing paneer( leftover from the morning), roasted cumin, lettuce, onion and chickpeas with lemon juice and olive oil. It was perfect.. Thank you

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