Bought way too many books in Bellingham..
Went to bed at 3.30 Am, because I wanted to finish the book I was reading.
Kids had field trip and had to be at school by 8.30Am and I was the parent volunteer in charge !!!
And now I have the nastiest migraine and instead of sleeping, I am desperately trying to find a recipe.
My mother used to buy this biscuit once in a blue moon from Better Bakery near the bus stand in Kanjikuzhy..
Flower shape, yellow colour with a jam center.
None of my jam cookies taste the same.
Does any of you know how to make it??

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  1. didn’t even know Better Bakery had a biscuit like that! Must check it out. Incidentally there was a fire in that line of buildings a while back. But they’ve all been re-built.
    btw, try some British recipes. most of the baked goodies here will be from Brit recipes.

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