I hurt my son’s feelings.
Last night, I told him I will chop him in to itsy bitsy tiny weeny pieces if he lost his retainer (again).
He has been wearing a retainer for almost two years and he knows it is very expensive. He was told by his dentist not to wrap his retainer in tissue paper as tissues get thrown away. He has not one but six retainer cases.
Still he continues to wrap his retainer in a tissue and I end up going through thrash bins, because I honestly can’t afford to get a new retainer.
Am I being too unrealistic to expect some sort of responsibility from my son?
I know he is only 8 years old.
I wish I didn’t lose my temper yesterday.
But I did.
I failed.

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  1. We can’t be perfect. i yelled at my child for her shoelaces coming untied in the middle of a busy grocery store. We burden ourselves with so much, and then take out everything on our children.

  2. I told my son one day , if he didn’t finish his homework on time , I will beat him until the vadi (stick) breaks. But I said it in Malayalam, so he didn’t get it fully and asked, “till what breaks Mamma , the vadi(stick) or me?
    And when I replied “the vadi” , he said “oh!” and after a pause said “That is ok”.

  3. I do scold my sons now and then, expecting some kind of responsibility. I am sure he will understand.. if not now, at least when he is a bit older.
    Don’t take it too hard. I tell myself I should not scold them, but still end up doing it. We have too much on our heads and shoulders that we jump at the little things.

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