When Yaya was about 5, I found an ad in the local paper for a swimming teacher( over 15 years of exp to boot) and he came to our house to teach Yaya to swim. I didn’t know that he wanted to teach her to swim in a day! Lesson ended 10 minutes later, for my child refused to be bullied.
She didn’t want to go for any more swimming after that. It only changed when we came to Canada and she joined the red cross swimming program. She now is in level 8, toothless is in level 5 and baby is in level 3.
We will be leaving Canada in a few months time and I want them to be good swimmers. I also want them to finish the Can skate program run by the skates Canada.
So like yaya wrote, being the crazy lady that I am, I registered the kids for swimming, skating and summer school!
So what I am trying to say is, I, the taxi driver, don’t even have a free minute to read the books that I was planning to read this summer.
So I am taking the longest break since 2005. Be back in Sep.

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  1. I know the feeling. Hope you have a nice break! You said you are leaving Canada – Are you moving back to Malaysia? Anyway good luck with everything!

  2. “We will be leaving Canada in a few months time” ??

    can i know why u r moving out to Australia? better chance there? or Canada not that good to live?

    me and my family is planning to migrate to either Canada or Australia.. so u r suggestion will be very helpful 🙂

  3. Monu: I only came to Canada to change my children’s citizenship. This oct we will complete the required three years of stay in Canada. There are no reasons for us to stay here after we apply for citizenship!
    Australia.. another adventure in the grand scheme of life

  4. Sydney is a great pleace to live. However it is bit expansive compare to Canada. But it is strange to change the countires just for heck of it, atleast to my logic..

  5. Sarah…u r comin to sydney…awesome…i have been here for 5 years now…though must warn u its bloody expensive!!!!
    if u ever need help or information…feel free to contact me…

  6. Gardenlane: There ain’t any cure for Dromomania,
    Travelers century club and visitng the 317 countries on their list has always been my dream , besides out of the 7 continents I am yet to live in Australia,S. America and Africa. I would love to visit Antartica too.
    So crazy as it may sound, travel I will, to all those wonderful places.

    Ritu: Thank you.. Kids are looking forward to surfing and scuba diving

    Rosie: Thank you matey!

  7. Best of luck in Sydney! i love your sense of adventure! Someday i hope to make 7 babies and go travelling!! 🙂
    We’ll miss u in Vancouver tho! 🙂

  8. D: Not yet.. leaving Vancouver..
    Have to stick around here till Oct 27th to complete the 3 years. Then there is the problem with school.. All three kids of mine will have to skip a year in Australia. Which I think will be harder on Baby as she just completed KG here and she will be in grade 2 in Oz this Jan..So I am planning to stay around till atleast baby could attend few months of school here and be able to read on her own. We will leave hopefully by feb that gives us one more winter in Whistler skiing and toboganning

  9. Good you are moving closer to your sisters. I really really hope that it will be a good thing in your life. I hope you will be able to practice medicine in Australia.

    Keep us posted.

  10. Hai sarah,

    Trust u found ur stay here in canada fruitful;i read ur blog regularly and find it intresting.i’ve started reading ur daughter’s blog now too.
    If u do decide to come back to canada ,do give a shout and maybe we could meet if ur intrested .i know i’d like to meet you and the kids .
    I’m a mallu staying in toronto with my hubby:-)

    Take care and God Bless!

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