Ah what a day

Never thought it would be this much of a hassle to organize a surprise Birthday party. I have been running around all this morning like a headless chicken.

Yaya loves to do tie and dye.. Until now we have been doing reverse tie and dye.. ie, we would tie knots on a bright colour top ( dark) and then dunk it in bucket of water mixed with a few tea spoons of Chlorox. No mess!

So I thought we would have a tie and dye party. All you needed is a work area, dye and t shirts.

I bought the dye kit from Maiwa( I even got them to post it, so I won’t have to drive all the way to Downtown Vancouver) and thought this would be the easiest Birthday party I ever organized.

What was I thinking?

First of all, I had to get t shirts for all the kids.. That too white 100% cotton t shirt.
In three different sizes. 2 size S, 10 Size M, 3 size L!!
So off I went to walmart that is close to my home. Because uncle Murphy is in love with me, Walmart only had 2 size M t shirts( they had 15 nos of size S!!!). The next walmart which is another 15 km away had 5 size M and 3 size L. But I needed 15 t shirts. I had to go to three different Walmart to get 15, 100% cotton t shirts, thanks to uncle Murphy.

Then I remembered I needed gloves. Went to the Dollar shop and bought Balloons, crepe paper, cupcake cases, paper plates, napkins and some more junk. I was so proud of my ability to multi task – I even went to the BC liquor shop near by and bought a bottle cherry liquor for the black forest cake. and came back happily to realize that I didn’t buy the gloves.!!!
By then it was already 2 pm and I had to hide all the stuff before fetching the kids from school.

The plan is to get Yaya’s best friend to invite Yaya to her house while I get everything ready. When all her friends are here, I will let Yaya’s friend know and they would both walk home.( Can’t wait to see the surprised look on my baby’s face!)

24 hours salad( so I can make it ahead)
Silky meat kebab
spring rolls( I am still a Malaysian, what is a birthday party without spring rolls??)
cup cakes.
Portuguese egg tarts
Tiramisu ( I bought cheap wine glasses from dollar shop and am planning to make individual Tiramisu. Yaya loves Tiramisu)
Sugar cookies.
Black Forest Birthday cake

Loot bag
Each child will take home the t shirt they have dyed… But I wanted to give them something else. I don’t feel like buying the cheap toys from the dollar shop. There is so much of candies in the pinata, so I don’t want to give Candies.. Anyone has any ideas??

Oh I forgot.. I will be busy the next few days( bake the cake, make the tarts etc etc).. then we are going camping to Yellow knife end of this month..So I may not be able to update my blog for a couple of weeks.
I will miss ya all.
Take care

10 thoughts on “Ah what a day

  1. We were at a 11 yr old party recently and they gave one dollar Mcdonald’s gift certificate in the goody bag and all the kids were like ahhh ohhh..

    At my friends tie and dye party they gave the tshirt, a b’day magnet and a cupcake with tie dye icing in a individual bag.


    I made hot chocolate cones for kids(sleepover party) that they liked it, if you want to make something at home more personal.


    Have fun. Getting ready for surprise party is somuch fun.


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