I never understood why when you want time to fly, it would move at snail pace and when you just want a few more hours, especially the day before the exams, time usually flies.
I planned to wake up late and was up at 5 AM. I wanted to read, but was afraid that Amma would be angry for wasting electricity. I didn’t want to lay down and do nothing, because that is when I think and when I think, I usually end up hating myself.
I tried not to think anything but ended up thinking if I was successful in my attempt to not think.
I gave up the idea of not thinking.
I thought about about Beautiful Eyes. My heart ached when I remembered all the wonderful times we spend together.
Was it the optimist in me that was sure everything will be alright tomorrow,may be the day after, may be three years from now when I complete the medical degree. He was my future. He was all I had.
I knew I just had to explain everything to him and he would understand. I still had time.
I was sure I still had time..and that he would understand.

The house was too quiet and I missed my baby sister. I wondered how she was doing. I knew her classes would start only on Monday, would that mean Maria would drop her at the boarding on Sunday evening? Or would she do the same thing she did to me and leave Sally alone at the boarding school on Friday evening?
Poor baby, I hoped my baby sister would have the courage to survive.
Then I thought, She should, after all she too is Methran Thambi’s grand daughter.
Methran Thambi. The mere chant of the name was enough to invoke power and courage.
The name Methran Thambi was my personal magical sword, like Arthur’s Excalibur.
I could almost picture 16 year old King Arthur fighting tishum tishum with the nobles of England who refused to accept a young and inexperienced boy as their king.
How Arthur waited until everyone thought he was losing the battle and unsheathed the Excalibur at the very last minute and won the war.
It was the same for me wasn’t it?
I won each and every war that everyone expected me to lose, Didn’t I?
I felt proud.
I was like the mighty King Arthur. I, Dr. Nina Thomas grand daughter of Methran Thambi was as courageous as King Arthur.

My over inflated pride didn’t last too long, for I remembered how the story of Arthur ended.
Incest, infidelity,betrayal and ego destroyed King Arthur.
That is 3 out of 4 for me
Nashicha Methran Thambi and his family. I spoke quietly
“Yeah nashicha Methran Thambi and his family” Sensible one started to chant

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