3 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr. Arnold.. You will be missed!

  1. Talking of carering order, I keep wondering, what kind of catering order can pay for the one month’s trip to India, Singapore with 3 kids…

    Most of the things from blog, I find believeable, except that you are able to fund your living by catering at home..

    Of course you are no way obligated to give readers the details of how you get by, but just catering helps you survive with 3 kids is sure a LIE.

    Sorry for being for blunt..no offence intended.

  2. Gardenlane:
    I wondered if I owe you an explanation..
    Anyway I do take offense when a stranger calls me a liar and I think just for that I will give an explanation.
    It is very easy to live on the income earned by doing catering.. provided you can work hard and know how to survive!
    I have 7 regular customers who order one meal each day and I charge 12$ a meal.. 7X 12/day x 30 =2520/month!
    Each day I cook 7 meals.
    Today I have a party order from one of the offices near by my home.
    I also have orders for baked goodies from friends most of the time.
    Since I do have catering order everyday, I don’t have to make extra for me and the kids. There is always food at home.

    My only expense at home is the rent which includes all the utilities(Hydro, gas and cable) phone( I hv a bundle package( VOIP) that costs less) and fuel and insurance for the car( We walk almost all the time and use the car very rarely)
    I get my friends to do all my grocery shopping in US..which reduces my expenses a lot.
    I also look for bargains at Craigslist( all the gameboy/play station games are from there) Surreyreuses and freecycle web sites.
    I buy clothes for the kids only when there is a sale and most of the time my children’s adopted grandmother sends them clothes from US.
    WE have 4 library cards that let us bottow 120 books, We borrow all the books, magazines and CD’s from the library..
    We Go for movies only when the film comes to our local theater( hollywood 3) and it costs 12 $ for the whole family.. I took my kids to watch Horton hears a who on saturday..( yeah they had to wait almost 6 weeks for the film to come to our local theater)
    I have a LAP card that lets me pay less for the recreation activities like skating and swimming..

    Going to India.. I own a beautiful condo in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, I took an OD using my home as a collateral.
    We only spend money on travel and eating out once in a while when we were in India..

    I don’t spend any money on me and save every single cent.
    Apart from the money I earn from doing catering, I also get child tax from the Canadian government.( which is super, because I save that money for all our camping trips. We are going to Yellowknife this summer)

    I am not on income assistance or on welfare… and I am totally capable of standing on my own two feet and raise my kids.

  3. I did not mean to get you so worked up. Surprising to see that a grownup adult can give out so much information about their own family for perfect stranger(s). (people who call you “sis” and “Chechy” are stranger too). I donot think it should matter, what others say..That is when you are feeling most secure.

    Kudos to your courage and fighting spirit, I guess this is when you feel most happy, when you hear this.

    However I will not comment any further on this topic.

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