Rarely have I given excuses for not updating the blog two days in a row.. But you see, I am just so happy today that I simply can’t quieten my mind and type..
Why am I so happy?
First of all, toothless has been selected for the gifted children program. I received the letter from the school yesterday. I am so happy for my son. It feels so good knowing that he earned the scholorship all by himself.

There is another reason I am happy.. Toothless was selected because he is exceptionally good in maths.
Only my Amma knows how many Novena’s she had said before my maths exam each year while I was in school.
Because the kids are good in Maths, there would not be much requests from them (hopefully) asking for help to do their homework!!!
Can you even imagine how I could help them when I think 1+1 =1 and 1×1=2!!!

Both Yaya and toothless do evening news paper delivery after school twice a week. Yesterday I watched my 7 year old son delivering the newspaper at the door( instead of leaving it at the mail box in front of the house) of my elderly neighbour. He didn’t want the lady to walk all the way to the mail box to get the paper. I knew he was tired because he played soccer at the school. But he still thought about the elderly lady. These are the moments as a mother I cherish.
Oh, I must write why the kids do the news paper delivery. Yaya wants to go back packing all of Europe.. Toothless wants to buy a hummer with his own money when he gets his driving license in 10 years time.( he probably knows his pishukki mother would buy him a pazhanchadak!!!!)

Lastly, yesterday for the first time in seven months since I started taking skating lessons, I could walk on the ice without holding on to the wagon. When I wrote walking, it really was walking..not skating..It will probably take me another 7 months to learn skating!!! but still…..

And now I am going to make a nice cup of teh tarikh(tea) and a cup of milo and read a story with Baby..
See ya all tomorrow..

Forgot to mention, there will be a total Lunar eclipse this evening ..more info here

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  1. For this post Sarah, I am happy for you – you are blessed…

    I cannot imagine how proud you can be. There is no doubt you are such a goood mother.

    When I become one, I will be writing bunch of letters to you on how did you handle this situation and that !!!

    Enjoy the tea slowly and cherished !!!


  2. Congratulations toothless!

    I feel really happy.

    About newspaper distribution- it’s really wonderful to know that kids have dreams and they are trying to achieve it. You r really a blessed mother sara.


  3. Revathy: Thank you..

    Shalini: when it rains I feel so miserable to see the kids doing newspaper delivery and a part of me wants them to stop doing the delivery…

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