Is there anyone who can help me?

Most of the days I don’t struggle so much after writing the blog.
I usually write before going to fetch baby from kindergarten, the walk up the hill to the school calms me down.
When I see my happy daughter I am back to being Sarah. the mother of Yaya, Toothless and Baby..
But some days the transition doesn’t happen that easily..
I need someone to talk to those days when I simply can’t function
Preferably someone in the same time zone, with tons of patience.. Is there anyone who can lend a shoulder?

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  1. Hi Sis,

    I wud love to put my shoulder beside u,I might not come up with any solution but I can be all ears when u wud like to share them with me.

    U R a very brave and positive thinking woman,I am a veteran all though a silent reader in most of the time but I have always appreciated you for all your courage and determination.

    Finally- a Confession.There have been times when I am too wished if I cud talk to you 🙂

    Have a blessed time ahead.

    Yo Sam

  2. U suddenly sound different from your usual self.
    If it will help you, take a break from the blogging. Let not the past trouble u. From what i read, i think u r a very very courageous person, to have got over the bad experiences in life, to have reached this point , the best part u being such a superb mom.

    Most of us read your blog regularly, and we have grown to like you a lot, for what you are now.
    We know you like a friend.It would be really nice to meet u some time. i always think of that.
    Hugs to u Sarah
    mail any time..
    Take care and be happy 🙂

    PS: Also wanted to ask u as to why u stopped replying to comments.

  3. I have always wanted to see you . wonder if I know you ! you’re a braveheart! There’s a power above who can ease all that loneliness and pain! Just trust that all will be fine in His time! You’re a great mother and you have wonderful ,bright kids too! God is bringing hapiness thru them to you! take heart !

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