Ideas please

Kids have annual fun night this Friday and The theme this year is “everything leaps”..
“Aiyyo”.. is what I said when Yaya told me about the theme.
Then it became
“Aiyyo, aiya yaiyo x 3”
when I realized what I got myself in to…
I had promised them, I will bake a cake for the cake walk.. now that has somehow become a cake for each child( ie one for Yaya,one for toothless and one for baby!!!)
Anyone out there can suggest three different icing themes for the cakes that includes “everything leaps”??
Please remember the motto ” less work!!! oh please!”

2 thoughts on “Ideas please

  1. hummmm i suggest using toys for deco and sticking to plain icing colours for the cake

    baby could have frog theme

    toothless – jumping sports?

    yaya – jumping books – place books on icing pedestals?

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