Dear friends

Time has come to rise up and stand up for your rights.
5 Malaysian Indians have been arrested under Internal Security Act in Malaysia yesterday. They were not arrested under the draconian act because they murdered or robbed someone. They were arrested because they stood up to the mighty UMNO who until now believed in the motto of U Must Not Object to their one-sided laws and rules.
Keeping 5 people in a secret detention centre without a trial is the sign of a struggling government trying to salvage a sinking ship. It is obvious that they heard our voice and is now afraid of our mettle.

Do not be disheartened by the temporary defeat in our struggle for equal rights in Malaysia. There can be no greater pride than to see the foundations of UMNO shaking with fear when our people have started to stand up for their rights.
We are a population of 2 million people. 1/10 of the Malaysian population. Let us not forget that we have a right to equality in Malaysia. We are ‘born’ Malaysians. We hold the red passport. We have birthrights!
Let us stand together and ask for our rights.
No army in the world can silence us if we stand up together.
No police/city hall officials in the world can destroy our places of worship if we stand up together.
No New economic policy can prevent our sons and daughters from entering the Malaysian Universities if we stand up together.
Raise up your hands. Time has come for you to raise it high and say
“We are Malaysians, We demand equal rights”
No UMNO can tell us to go back to India, if we stand up together.
No UMNO can revoke our citizenship enshrined in the constitution.
No UMNO can cheat us of our birthrights.
Malaysians, say it loud
“We are Malaysians. We have equal rights.”
Mr. Badawi, Release the 5 or charge them in court.

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