Yesterday after I clicked the publish button, I asked myself, How did I manage to survive?
Home was a nightmare, college was a nightmare.
I remembered each and every time senior boys called me names as I walked to the hospital or to the library.
All the whistling and the cat calls.
I was never invited to any birthday parties
Never invited to any one’s home.
All the Malayalee students from Kerala, went back home together.
All the Malayalee students from Bangalore also went back together.
I didn’t belong to either group. I was all alone always.
There were so many times I wanted to quit.
Yesterday I asked myself why didn’t i ever quit?
Then I remembered this song. Each time I thought of quitting, I would go back to my room and listen to this song.
I used to imagine the wild horses coming to drag me away from my destiny ie to become a doctor. I would keep singing, wild horses couldn’t drag me away.
You can cut me deep
You can cut me down
You can cut me loose
Don’t you know its okay
You can kick and scream
You can slap my face
You can set my wheels on a high speed chase
Hey no matter what you do
Wild horses could not drag me away from you
Wild horses could not drag me away from you

You can call me a fool
You can call me blind
You can call it quits
Can’t hear a word you say

I lost my collection of music tapes when I went to Malaysia ( technically I didn’t lose them. I was told, I couldn’t take them with me because Appa bought them and it belonged to the family)
I haven’t heard this song for so long. And yesterday when I found it on you tube, all those memories came like a swift current.

I am too exhausted to type the blog, after reliving all those days..

So here is wishing all the Americans a very happy thanksgiving
Will update the blog on Monday..
Take care

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