Some times life is just so hard to live..
I am so tired, I can’t even cough any more. My tummy hurts after coughing so much.
But life has to go on..
Food has to be cooked or the children go hungry
Stories( school readers) had to be read and home work had to be checked.
children has to be dropped to and fetched from school.
Laundry has to be done
House has to be vacuumed
All I want is to lie down and close my eyes.. but that is a luxury I am not entitled to..

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  1. I can understand your feelings, sarah. Nobody is near to you to help you?? I was thinking about you in the morning- how you are handling 3 children while you are sick!!

    Praying for a speedy recovery.

  2. Upsi: Thanikku thanum.. purakku thoonum! Alley?

    Nish: Thank you

    Lekshmy: Thank you

    tears and laughters: Thank you

    Shalini: Yaya.. She helps me a lot..

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