6 thoughts on “My baby number 4

  1. Madam, I am going to sue you!!! how could you show such grotesque pictures withought even the statutory “A” warning huh?? I am going to have nightmares now…:D

    Frankly speaking, seeing the shape it is in I am very very glad that nobody inside got seriously hurt!

  2. Oh my! Thank god that you and your kids are safe. Hope toothless is doing fine now. The pictures remind me of my own car that was in a fender bender accident 3 years ago. The insurance company totalled our car too. The worst part was that I was 4 months pregnant when that happenned, but by god’s grace my baby was fine.

  3. In Malaysia, it would be written off, then it will be fixed with a different chasis number and a “new” engine number, and sold again at the 2nd hand dealers…

  4. Abraham:Even I didn’t really realize how bad the car was till I went to settle my insurance. I couldn’t believe it was my car..

    Mia: You are absolutely right

    Starry: honestly I was in a preety bad emotional stage….
    Now it looks like the accident was a blessing in disguise.. Mine was an American car and I didn’t know the resale value was pretty bad for American cars. Next year when I leave, I would have had to put money from my hand to pay off the loan.. Because the accident wasn’t my fault, my insurance paid off the loan!

    Chickoo: I have never had a car accident before, so this one freaked me out..I can imagine what you would have gone through, especially when you are Preg..

    Pure evs: Memang la.. Malaysia Boleh!!!

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