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  1. Sarah,
    First of all, hope you all are OK and special shout outs to the little ones. Accidents are not meant to be, accidents with kids in the car are gut wrenching. I browsed onto your blog a while ago – for some cooking related post, and then recently got back. i got confused with the story because I was reading most recent post (and also from top to bottom of the page …gnash…)and then realized you had a whole archive of it. Believe me, for the past week I have been HOOKED, scrolling and scrolling through your words. Your story telling is amazing.I cannot believe what I am reading, you have gone through such travesty and tragedy!!!!! I can’t believe this is not a real life movie or a Booker Award submission.

  2. hey sarah , hope toothless is fine now!! my prayers for your kids, hope they recover soon..
    also do hope, that you are also doing fine, it must have been traumatic for you too…

  3. i am really sorry to hear this!!

    i wish you strength and your children speedy recovery, once i spinned out of control on the snowy road,and in a few flashes, i saw the other side…..take care.

  4. Sarah
    we had gone to kerala for 10 days, hence didnt check ur blog.
    i opened ur blog today, and saw ur post
    Hope all of u r fine.Tke care
    With lots of love and prayers…

  5. everything ok?
    it’s been a while. I have a chronic parch on my head/arm and my car a dent, so I dont usually take accidents very seriously.
    But you havent been writing for sometime.
    Leave an update atleast

  6. Thank you all for the well wishes.
    Toothless is better now. Surprisingly it is me who is suffering now!!! I was fine immediately after the accident, but now have whip lash injuries, and because i am allergic to NSAID’s, I can’t take any anti inflammatory drugs!
    Insurance company hasn’t decided if they are going to repairthe car or write it off.,
    All this happened because a driver decided to beat the light and did not notice that traffic had already slowed down and caused a 4 car pile up!

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