Would you do something?

When would you act?
How many more babies like Kevin ought to die before we do something?
When will you leave your comfort zone and see what is going on?
When will you see the injustice done to innocent babies?

Yes I know India’s population is increasing by the second, but what wrong did Kevin do? How can anyone say he has been chosen not to live because our population is increasing?

Kevin and boys like him are not the only casualty in our quest to control the population.
Each day Indian mothers abort 7000 female foetuses( Unicef report)
We even outsource abortion in India.

When I was working in Malaysia and suffering from an acute case of “not my people, they would never kill their unborn child, for heaven’s sake Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India!! syndrome” I was told by a malayalee expat doctor that abortion is very common among educated Malayalee women and I, being one such (?) educated Malayalee woman protested vehemently, till I was shown proof.
My colleague showed me the letters to the Dr in Vanitha Malayalam magazine over 1 year period. There were letters after letters asking advice from the doctor regarding post abortion complications.

Unless it is a rape, each pregnancy is almost 90% preventable, the only exception being contraceptive failure. Every woman has so many choices, there are pills and injections that she can take to prevent a pregnancy. But it appears that killing a child is much easier than trying to take a pill a day.

Would anything change? Would another Kevin die on the cold cemented sink base today? Would you do something?

6 thoughts on “Would you do something?

  1. I agree… I also am fighting my values and beliefs because I have a child who fights a terminal disease. If I were to have another child and if CVS tests positive that that baby has the same condition, what would I do… my hear wouldnt permit me to terminate the pregnancy, but to bring another child and make him/ her go through the horrible disease… is that fair.. it is a very tough decision

  2. This reminds me of a post by Angel Doc. A move by the Central govt to introduce sex education in school is being vehementaly opposed on the grounds that it is against our culture. Many States have dropped the idea altogether. There are more Kevins to come 🙁

  3. The picture is not black and white and it is easier for us to take the moral high ground and bash all those mothers who have aborted their babies.

    Unwanted pregnancies happen could happen even bcos of accidents, ill-education. Brave are those who go ahead and shoulder their responsibilities.

    I have not had an abortion, but I have supported a friend who went through it for the most selfish of reasons. It was emotionally draining and hard for her and all the while I was pregnant with my second daughter. I did not know how she could do it. But she was already too sad and regretting her decision. So I never said anything to drag her even further down.

    Moms like Kavitha, my heart goes out to you. I don’t think anyone has the right to judge people like you. You are a very special mom.

  4. Kavitha: For me, each preganancy was frightening. Each time I was preganant, I was so afraid because I didn’t know how the end result would be. I selfishly wanted a healthy baby. I refused a CVS because I didn’t want to be a judge who decides if the baby gets to live or not. I told myslef that whatever has to happen will happen and I will take responsibility for my own actions.But in my heart, I hoped it would be a normal healthy baby.
    Kavitha, I would be lying if I tell you that I understand what you go through. But I can tell you this, I admire your courage.

    Silverine: sad state of affairs!

    Srreja: Moral high ground?
    If I take one hour old(Full term newborn) baby, make an incision in the head and scoop the brain out, you would call me a sicko and would name me murderer and believe me you would be screaming and asking for justice for that child. Yet, if I do the same procedure to a 24 weeks old foetus( commonly done in partial birth, where the Dr will pull the legs of the foetus out first, then make an incision on the scalp and scoop and drain the brain, so the skull would collapse), you call that abortion. There is no moral high ground here. Either both are murder or something is terribly wrong with our society..

  5. Three words that changed turned our world upside down – Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the number one genetic killer of children under 2 .. Sarah, I know there are hundreds (may be even thousands !) who visit your blog and I am taking the libery to just bring to notice a rather unknown diesase (not uncommon, just unknown coz the babies pass away so early, no one even bothers a diagnosis) My friend lost her baby who was 11 months old last week and I am terrified with the thought that my baby could be next .. It is so cruel that it is a disease so close to cure but has no pharma companies willing to invest in research and clinical trials because they dont see the “economic benefit”… Sorry for taking up this space to offload my sorrows, but just had to get it out ! I hope you dont mind

  6. I do not claim to understand what each one of you are saying. But my heart goes out to you Kavita. And that is why I always believ it is easy to judge others and especially mothers, but it is impossible to know what they are going through. My best wishes dear. 🙂

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