Lakota Instructions for Living

Passed down from White Buffalo Calf Woman

Friend do it this way-that is,
Whatever you do in life,
do the very best you can
with both your heart and mind

And if you do it that way,
the Power of the Universe
will come to your assistance,
if your heart and mind are in unity.

When one sits in the hoop of people,
one must be responsible because
All of creation is related.
And the hurt of one is the hurt of all.
And the honor of one is the honor of all.
And whatever we do effects everything in the Universe.

If you do it that way-that is
if you truly join your heart and mind
as One – Whatever you ask for
that’s the way it is Going To Be

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I wouldn’t be able to write my blog on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the next couple of weeks.
See you all on Monday.

9 thoughts on “Lakota Instructions for Living

  1. Did you see the Oprah show about the movie “The secret”

    I just saw this amazing movie 3 weeks ago, and it is very interesting. Speaks of the same thing.

    Lovely post Sarah

    As always, your posts are a pleasure to read. Every afternoon is an eager anticipation for the next chapter. Thanks


  2. And.. Monday came and went, yet no sign of the next chapter. Hope you enjoy your vacation, although perhaps many of us don’t [enjoy your vacation]. 🙁

    So mean of me. 🙂

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