Drug interactions

How often have you had patients coming to you and telling you that they are taking some medicines, but don’t remember the name. They often say it is a red pill or it is a blue and yellow colour capsule
Epocrates is an online guide, designed for Doctors, which gives immediate access to pill pictures that will help patients to identify the pills they are taking currently, there by reducing the chances of over dosage or drug interactions.

The web site also provides informations for the patients regarding common questions like, what if I miss the dose or do I have to eat this before or after meal etc.
For example if the clinician wants to know the adverse effect of Risperdal, he just needs to key in the words and Epocrates provides all the information.
The adult dose, peds dose, contra indication and even the pill pictures are provided.
For further information about epocrates contact Erica Sniad at 650-227-6907 or

5 thoughts on “Drug interactions

  1. Hi,
    That is a very useful site. I remember a similar effort by Readers’ Digest in a book form that was available in most book stores in US. The book has the advantage that even those who are not compu-literate or without a computer could access the info. Disadvantage was the info was dated.
    Thanks a ton for the info.

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