Please Help

There comes a time in life, when you think you should have really listened to what the teachers were teaching at school. I wish I didn’t dream about the knight in shining armour coming to rescue me, while my science teacher Mrs B rattled on.

In fact she used to tell me, the only career i could ever hope to take was to become a politician… You don’t really have to have knowledge to become a politician.. right?

Here is my problem.. I encouraged the kids to think and now dug my own grave. I can’t answer the questions they are asking me now. I tried luck.

Here are the latest questions

Why don’t the budgie lay eggs everyday like the hens?

If black colour absorbs heat, then why do the umbrella manufacturers still make black umbrella to be used to protect us from the sun?

We have gold fish and mollies.. one lay eggs and the other is live bearer.. why some fish lay eggs and others give birth?

please please help me find the answers… Kids already think, mama is a quack!!!!…

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