Is being homosexual abnormal?

My favourite blogger rojaks blogged about homosexuality. his contention is they are abnormal. Are they?
If someone is born with ambiguous genitalia, they are abnormal.. that is to compare to what is normal. But what is normal?
Every human being is conceived the same way.. male sperm meets female ovum and fertilization begins.. Many chemical reaction happens afterwards and the formation of “normal” human being.. Some are then born differently..And we call them abnormal in relation to those that are commonly born as normal.
However, there are zealots who claim that being born abnormal isn’t an issue, but practicing deviant sexual behaviour against the ‘normal’ way is wrong.
Aren’t we forcing our value system on group of people conceived the same way, born the same way, yet different, and insisting that they follow the rules of the majority and live their life according to the norms dictated by the society.
Most bring religion to the fore. If sodom and gomerah happend, then why did the creator continuing to create people with ambiguous genitalia?
Actually when i asked the same question at the rojacks blog, an anonymous blogger accused me that i am questioning god, that religion never gives answers, that we should find answers in ourself. I can’t find the answers. All I find is rules and rules. That homosexuality is a major crime.. Yet there is no explantion to people born with ambiguous genitalia.
Homosexuals are normal people. They have the same genetic makeup like the rest of the population. Just because they practise a different sexual behaviour they wouldn’t become abnormal. It is us who have a problem.. because we have tunnel vision and can’t really accept anything outside the perimeter… It is us who need to change. It is us who need to look beyond religion and see the answers. Would heaven be denied to someone who practice different sexual behaviour but otherwise lead a fruitful life? If yes, then is god merciful and kindful?

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