Canadian election

I am amazed. I remember the last general election in Malaysia. All the ads on TV and newspaper were from the ruling party. Opposition party didn’t even have a chance to advertise in the public media. It is a perverted kind of excuse. Ruling party by way of winning and governing considers to be the custodian of public media.
Here in Canada, there is hope. all the parties can advertise in the media. There is never a thought of injustice.
I have never voted in Malaysia. never had the chance to. In Malaysia I was supposed to register with the EC when I change the address. I never did. Some how I didn’t have the heart to change the place of address in my IC even though I lived most of my life far away from the kampong. My village has always been the address on my ic.
I don’t know much about the Canadian parties. One thing I know for sure, it is indeed a fair election. People have the right to choice, unlike in Malaysia where most of the non muslims have to chose between the islamic party with their talibanizing attitude or the moderate party with their corruption. Canadians are lucky… they have democracy.. We in Malaysia have “the crazy” government

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