I am fond of people who can write well. Writing is an art in itself and you need to be well read to be able to write things that are fascinating. One such person was Astrologer Jonathan Cainer. I don’t believe in astrology, but I  have been reading  his horoscope forecast even before I had kids. I love the way he strings words together and often he writes quotes and facts that require me to google for more info. I remember him writing about Buckley’s chance years ago and I had to actually google to find out what it is. When I came to Brisbane and I told a mate ” you have Buckley’s chance…” He was impressed cause it is an Aussie lingo not many immigrants know about. Cainer passed away two days ago and I read in the paper about his own sign forecast for that day

‘We aren’t here for long. We should make the most of every moment. We all understand this yet don’t we forget it, many times? We get caught up in missions, battles and desires. We imagine that we have forever and a day. In one way, we may be right — for are we not eternal spirits, temporarily residing in finite physical form?’

And it got me thinking..and then I did something I never thought I would do. I emailed a real estate agent in Tasmania..

These were my requirements.  Must be located in St Helens, lots of land with an option to subdivide, close to the beach, small house, preferable with no neighbours. (I know I am weird!)

An hour later, I received a reply..

When ‘he’ and I visited Tasmania, that day it was my turn to drive. As we were heading to Anson’s bay, I noticed a large dam with lots of birds on my left. I love watching birds and I did a three point turn in the middle of the road(it was very narrow road and there was a ditch on the right side) so I could park the car near the dam and observe the birds. My driving terrifies most people. Let me rephrase that, my driving terrifies anyone other than my kids and in their case, they have been exposed to my erratic driving since birth. I waited for him to say something about my driving.. and he didn’t.  I loved him more for that. Where I parked the car, there was a’ for sale’ sign. I did think how lovely it would be to stay there and watch the wild/migratory birds every day..

The first house on the list the agent sent  was the exact same house I saw in December….the agent even sent me the photo of the dam..

Spooky? I think so.

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  1. oh! I used to read Jonathan Cainer too. Most of the time, found his predictions often cryptic. Sad to hear of his passing. He was quite young!
    I like to read all astrological predictions!! they all contradict each other! 🙂

    So we will get more posts of the beautiful landscape when you buy that place and move?! 🙂

    • Nimmy: I actually had that quote on my bedside in the medical college.. every time I was too tired to study, I used to read that quote.. and push forward..

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