Feeling guilty

I went for a movie and dinner with a very dear friend last night. He is from Catalonia and knows more stories than I do.

He was telling me why the Catalonia flag has 4 red stripes, which led to many other stories..

I lost track of time and eventually got back home at 12:30 AM, only to find my youngest still awake.. She kept awake to make sure that I got back home safe and sound. Before leaving, I told the kids, I will be late and they don’t have to wait up for me.

Somehow, I feel terribly guilty.. Usually it is the mother who waits for her children to come home after a night out.. not the other way around.

4 thoughts on “Feeling guilty

  1. You are allowed to have a life and come home late occasionally. The fact that your little one stayed just means that you care for each other. So no need to feel guilty. I know easier said than done..but still.. no need to feel guilty. You are always there for them.

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