Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Last weekend, I helped  avery dear friend to move to her new place.

She came to Australia with lots of hope and dreams. She is a trained radiographer and found after arriving here that her degree is not accepted here. Her husband is an electrician , he had enough points to pass the skills category and get the visa, only to come here and find that he needs to re do his trade certificate again.

i faced the same dilemma when I landed in Canada. I went there thinking my life was going to be a bed of roses. I did all that I as an immigrant was supposed to do. Registered myself in all the immigrant support services. One even found me a job, telephone assistant in some Indian shop that paid the minimum wage, which after I paid the bus fare and the child care gave me less than 15. $ for a day’s work.

No one ever told me about student loans or how I can upgrade my skill. It was so disheartening to go from living in a Condo to a 2 bedroom underground dungeon( basement suite) and I felt so lost and sad.

My friend and her husband can’t afford to buy a house here. They have nothing to go back to their home country either..Every two years, when her rental contract is up for renewal she has to look for a new place with cheaper rental. ( renewal of rental contract always results in higher rent)

I  have told her about all the help she is entitled to get a degree here, but she doesn’t want to do it.

I am not trying to judge her..but I wish I could get her to see, you can always make the rest of your life the best.. So what you slogged years to get your degree and the govt doesn’t recognize it? Do it again…and again..till you get the job you really want..

don’t give up, just because one door closed on your face.. Kick the rest of the doors… Till you get in.

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