Tomorrow ( my wed) is a public holiday here. I hate midweek public holiday. however I really need a break.. It is still cold most mornings and I haven’t been to the beach for weeks. So I think I will drive down to Byron bay.

Thu and Fri back to Uni

So ” I’ll be┬áback” on Monday

2 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. So recently I came across your blog and I read the contents of it in 2 days. I was just wondering (this might be incredibly persona so I really do apologise)… What happened to Arjun? He seemed like a nice guy despite his flaws. Sorry for bringing up the past.
    Also, are your children aware of your incredible story?

    • Lilli/ Acacia: If you have read my blog, then you would know I do have near perfect eidetic memory. WordPress captures your IP every time you leave a comment and I have an uncanny ability to remember random IP numbers. Please stop creating a new avatars.

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