Dear Lord..

It all started with a phone call to the local council. The neighbour behind my house, whom I have never met (as the entrance to his property is from the main road) decided to be a bit cheeky and dumped all the garden waste on my property. I called the council on Friday afternoon and on Saturday morning, someone from the council came to inspect the illegal dumping.

I admit, this guy from the council is drop dead handsome with Azure blue eyes and he started to hit on me from the moment I opened the door. All he had to do was the inspect the green waste, accept that it isn’t mine ( it was mostly palm fronds and I don’t have any palm trees, whereas my neighbour has plenty of palm trees in his property), talk to the neighbour and get him to clear the mess or issue a fine.

He spend an hour, all the while giving me subtle and not so subtle hints about his interest in me.

When I was young, when a guy showed interest in me, it was exciting.. Handsome guy had a potential..( I am sure the previous statement is going to be considered very scandalous 🙂  but I am sure, most women out there would have felt the same way)

I think I  can officially be considered “old” for all I felt with this unwanted attention was absolute annoyance.

8 thoughts on “Dear Lord..

    • Sop: kids know I have a blog, but they don’t read it. But I did tell them that the guy was hitting on me, for which my son replied ” It must be true then” I asked him “What?” He grinned and said ” that you lose your eye sight as you grow older” to be absolutely sure that I got the punch line he continued ” You should have suggested to him to get his eyes tested mom” and he ran to his room and locked the door, so I couldn’t wring his neck.

  1. A voluntary retirement? The young in you still live and budding, refusing to leave you and the old in you, crept in of late, trying to force it out.You trapped in between. Let the feelings blossom till the natural fall. Potential still not lost. Nothing official about it.

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