Where are you?

When I started my blog, Yaya was 7, Toothless was 5 and baby was 3. We lived in a small 2 bedroom basement suite in Vancouver. Now they are 15, 13 and 11 and we live in Brisbane. My journey from then to now is there in the blog and many of you have been with me from the time I started the blog.

They say people come to your life for a reason and stat for a season. Still there are people I have known through my blog and haven’t heard from them for a while.

First would be Starrynights. Her name is either Lalitha or Latha. Every time I read her comment on my blog, I felt a connection with her..Her last post on her blog was about a CT scan and she was hoping for a normal report and that was years ago. I keep thinking about her and wondering if she is alright.

Then there is Inji pennu..Most Mallu bloggers would know the trials and tribulations she had gone through as blogger.Then she vanished. For a brief period she had an English blog and there was an article about a college shooting ( probably Virginia Tech) and she mentioned how she looked at the list of dead to see if there were any Indians for which someone left a nasty comment saying so many kids died in that shooting and you worry about Indians ( something similar). The funny thing is, every time there is a  natural calamity or man made disaster, I always look for Indian names among the dead. It is an inherent behaviour that has no rationality whatsoever. And every single time I find myself doing that, I think about Inji pennu.

Anitha from my treasures, my pleasures. The one food blog that I love absolutely and I still go through her blog every now and then. I have even written to her cousin @ Marias menus asking about What happened to Anitha. So far no luck.

I hate going through my old blog posts. I already suffer with my amazing memory and if I read what I write, then I feel the pain even more. ( I know, I don’t make any sense). I can’t remember your name. You had a good grasp of English and you used to comment frequently in the first few years. You were the first to understand why I was very insecure when it came to my English grammar and spelling and you actually wrote a comment about that.

Then there was Jiby, dew drops, thanu’s rambling, Nilu, Dhanush, Q8techdrive, YASJ, Visithra. Except for Nilu, no idea where the rest have gone..

But you are all thought of fondly and it was a pleasure knowing all of you. Do drop a line if you are still reading my blog. daofto at gmail dot com.

I am looking forward to spending my first weekend without any basketball games…Imagine beautiful Spring days..clear blue skies, garden in full bloom.(.My Chinese star jasmine is so full of flowers that you can hardly see the leaves) a trip to the beach, few good books and few bottles of red.. It is all good.

Wishing you all a great weekend..

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    • Thanu: I thought about you few weeks ago, thinking, G should have started school this year. She must be a big girl now. My yahoo account is giving me so much grief and I can’t find your old email Id. Could you please mail me.

  1. While you slip into spring with longer days, sunshine, flowers, leaves on trees…we are slowly and surely slipping into fall and winter.. If the Farmer’s Almanac is to be believed, this is going to be a harsh winter.

    So enjoy the fair weather!!

    • MS: I decided to settle down ( knowing me, that is a big thing) in Australia because of the weather. Much as I love the winter in N.America and miss the snow, I won’t be able to cope with the harsh winter as I grow old. I don’t have central heating here and would have used the portable heater less than 10 times this winter. Imagine cold winter days with clear blue sky..and warm afternoons..like the hill stations in India..that is the winter here.

  2. I see Injipennu in FB–so I know she is still around. And as for the others in the list, Jiby is now working as a journalist in Kerala I think…
    I still cant fathom the fact that you had been blogging for 8 years..Wow.

  3. There are more followers for you. I have been following your posts for last 6-7 years, though this is my first comment 🙂

  4. Loved reading this post. Back in 2006, one of my friend pointed me to your blog. I must say, thats the first time I ever hooked on /developed an interest in reading blogs. Remember the first few weeks, spent most of my time catching up all your posts from beginning and has been reading yours ever since. Also wandered into other bloggers posts mentioned, from here and got hooked on few.

  5. Me too. I also have been reading your blog for almost eight years. Your posts inspired me, strengthen me and sometimes put me in wonder. Even though I cannot agree with you 100% sometimes, I think you are a very smart and strong willed person. And I love your way of writing. Thanks for your blog.

  6. Hi. I am a regular reader of your blog for a very long time. I really love the way you write and also the way you put forward your point of view. Please keep writing.

  7. Hey Sarah,
    I found your blog through Anita’s My Pleasure , My Treasure some 6 years back..I was carrying my first child then..Cant belive its been so many years.Good to know that you are doing good..Please keep writing..

  8. Hi Sarah,
    I survived my second pregnancy here, drooling over the food blogs, as I missed my mum’s cooking. I found this blog through ‘immigrant recipes’ and have been following for 3 years or so.


  9. I think I also found your blog through Anita’s My tressure my pleasure. Have been hooked since. Therez never a dull moment here 🙂

  10. Hi Sarah,
    I am the husband of Annita, from My Treausre My Pleasure. Want you to know that Annita is doing well, we just had our third child in August. Annita started working last year. The only reason she is not blogging , is she is not finding the time to do it.
    Btwn :- I am a regular reader and a silent admirer of your blog and writing skills.

    Just wanted to let you know everything is fine with Annita.


    • Deepak: Thank you so much for commenting and letting me know that all is well. Congratulations on the birth of your child. Please say my Hi to Annita

  11. Hi Sarah,
    I started reading your Blog in 2006…at that time it was in blogspot I believe…I accidentally came accross your writings and I got hooked to it…I was in Nigeria at that time, as part of my job assignment…spent all my evenings reading through the posts….never wrote any comment, but read through most of it….a lot had happened in my life since then…I went through trials and tribulations…and I failed miserably to start with and somehow survived the later episods (still living with some of the scars)….I am not a regular here…but I do comeback every once in a while to catch-up….Your blog was there as a constant part of that period….so this is special for me….You are gifted with your writing skills…and I enjoy reading your posts….keep writing.
    With regards

    • John: Thank you for the comment.. I failed so many times..but that is ok..experiences teach you so much..Be strong and remember always, you are not alone.

  12. im here im here – i still read ur posts regularly (how can i not) till google reader died – missed this last few mths – just dont have time to comment – trying to balance crazy work life n forcing self to have a life 😉 i still blog but not as often – yayas all grown up to travel alone – read ur travels to msia – how time has passed – u guys are always in my thoughts n nice to see the feeling is mutual 😉 find me on email or fb whichevers ur preference 😉

  13. Hello Sarah,
    I am a regular Reader of your blog for last 3 years.My second baby born in last june. So i missed some months due to delivery. I found your blog from kerala blog roll using Google Reader. First i read ur blog about your ammachi. Describing her home in kerala. I like ur style very much. I read ur full blog after that. I like most of your view points. Keep writing. I am addicted.

    l wanted to comment for most of your posts. I dont have time with one 4 yrs and one 7 months kids.
    some times I got mad with my kids especially the elder one, i remember you.???? I want to be a mother like you. I feel ur kids are lucky.

    l got surprised that you remember and identify your commenters.

    Hope my comment isn’t delayed.????

    • Anju: WordPress captures IP address when you leave a comment and I have a thing for numbers. I see patterns in most numbers and I remember them.

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