When the kids were studying in Canada, I was always there at the school 5 minutes before the bell rang. I didn’t want them to wait for me and worry what happened to me. A very dear friend of mine used to pick up her children within 30 minutes ( ie before the teacher supervision ends)after the bell rang. She used to tell me that I am spoiling the kids by being on time and that nothing will happen to my kids if they waited few minutes for me.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do that. And one day my kids had early dismissal and I forgot about that and to this day my children haven’t forgotten “the day mom forgot to pick us up on time and how we had to sit outside the office for 1 hour and 30 minutes”

Yaya has guitar lessons on Monday after school and ideally I should ask her to take the bus back home. But I feel sorry for her, carting the guitar, school bag, laptop and then having to walk to the bus station after a tiring day at school, so I offered to pick her up. The after work traffic in the evening is really unpredictable and much as I try I will end up few minutes late. 2 minutes after she finishes the guitar lesson, she will send a txt asking “where are you?” and every minute after that, more txt will arrive that reads ” I am hungry?” how far away are you? where are you? hello, anyone there?” etc.

She knows I will pick her up. She knows I can’t reply to her while driving and she knows I really get annoyed when she does this. But still she does it and when I hear the beep sounds informing me of a new txt, my blood boils. It really doesn’t kill my child to wait at least 10 minutes before wondering where her mom is?

But then again, I started all this, didn’t I?

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