My darling

I know lately I have been writing a lot about him, but the past few weeks have really been eye opener for me.

Last week, he not only bought flowers for his girl, he also send a flower for Yaya. The school gives the option of sending flowers anonymously and Yaya came home with a rose flower, all excited, telling me “mom, I got a flower from a secret valentine” That night my son came to my room with a sheepish smile and told me that he was Yaya’s  secret valentine. He said he wanted his sister to have a rose and so he bought her one. I was really touched. ( My oldest sister was in the same town when I got married and didn’t even bother to come for my wedding! Probably why I cherish moments like this)

Also last weekend I had a ‘friend’ over for lunch. This particular friend is well connected and I really needed his help in getting a project.  I warned my kids that I expect absolutely no screw up. But I forgot to warn my chooks to behave. One of them decided to check her wing strength and tried to fly over the little fence I built to keep them off my garden and ended up creating a huge ruckus. My friend was very amused by the fact I have chooks and asked

“So, how many chooks you have?”

Before I could answer, my son replied “4”

That was not correct, we only have three chooks ( we had 4, one died) and if my friend got up from his chair and looked at the chook cage, he could see for himself that we only have three chooks. How could my son lie? That is not like my son. He never lies. And I heard this

“Three of our chooks live in the chook cage and the fourth one lives with us inside the house” and he pointed to me. ( scaredy – cat = chicken)

I never knew an adult male could laugh this much.. but he did. And my son proceeded to tell him all my scaredy – cat antics.

This, from my neighbour who was in the bus when my son got on. According to her this is what my son did.

He stood at an angle, raised his left hand and with a magician like flair flipped his wallet using his right hand and touched the go card to the reader while saying “wapao” . Apparently, even the driver was amused. It is true that his mother never missed a single Rajnikanth movie, but I can tell you, I never thought my son would turn out to be like Rajnikanth. Everything he does lately seems to have a Rajnikanth touch!

Life as a mother is challenging, but then again, there are days, you are just happy because you got a chance to be a mom and see your children grow up. Today is such a day!


7 thoughts on “My darling

    • Geetha: I was really surprised that he bought a rose for Yaya and now I don’t know if I should tell Yaya the truth, for she thinks someone has a crush on her!!

      • Sarah, I remember my brother buying me a rose too.. May be he just wanted to send me one, or may be he didn’t want me to feel left out if my friends receive roses and I don’t. Either way he was so sweet..
        BTW, I thought that someone has sent it to me until he told me at home.. Didn’t feel bad.. but loved him even more, and remember his sweet gesture till today 🙂

        I think it would be up to your son to tell Yaya that he sent the rose.. that he just felt like sending one to his sister. It would mean more for him to tell her, don’t you think.. 🙂
        Loving siblings..

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