My rebel will be 12 in a few days.
He is as tall as me..bit on the chubby side..
Yaya says most boys aim for a 6 pack, but her brother  has 12 packs !! ( of flab)
He wants to lose some weight. but like me hates exercise.
He blames me for his weight gain..”if you weren’t a good cook, then I wouldn’t be eating this much.. So it is all your fault mom” is his usual excuse.

Every  morning you can see him standing in front of the mirror and checking to see if he got any meesa ( moustache). He can’t wait to start shaving and has already told me he wants a Gillette shaver. Right now, even with a magnifying glass, I can’t see much of meesa, But he claims he can see 100’s if not 1000’s of little meesa and blames my advancing age as the reason for my apparent blindness.

Any change in the voice is considered the ultimate step in to manhood..even if the said voice change is because of bad case of sore throat!

He is stubborn, short tempered and extremely forgetful. ( three wonderful traits that drive any sane person to total insanity)
But the one trait I absolutely love is his sense of humor..
When Yaya said “my brain is dead” after writing a 10 page assignment in Spanish, he nonchalantly asked her ” What brain?”
When I was driving in KL and got so badly lost ( what in the world possessed me to drive from Singapore to KL is still a mystery), Yaya told me “Mom, you are a smart one” and though it is said in a very sarcastic way, I ignored the sarcasm and told her, “Oh, so you agree that I am smart” to which my son replied
“Yaya, mom doesn’t get sarcasm, she emits sarcasm. she can’t receive it ”

Yaya wanted something “cultural” to wear to school for the International day and I suggested she could wear my saree and my son responded ” mom, she trips on her shorts and fall down, imagine her wearing a sareee”

Yaya posted a sign that said “knock” on her door and he stood outside her door and knocked ( for more than 15 minutes!!)..till yaya stormed out of her room and tore the sign in to a million pieces.. He claimed, he was only following Yaya’s instruction which said ‘knock’ and she claimed it is still a miracle that she hasn’t killed him yet.

He is too focused when he wants to do something, at the same time, he won’t do anything I ask him to do. His room is worst than a pigsty. He won’t put his clothes for laundry, just chucks then where ever he felt like..socks will be in the hallway, t shirt in the pergola and shorts in the swimming pool !!! When I go after him, he tells me, “you are my mom, it is your duty to do the laundry” and then we have a 30 minutes of arguments of what I consider is my duty and why he should pick up his clothes and put them for laundry in  the laundry basket. This happens every saturday, sunday and wednesday..my laundry days..

From a little boy who never sat still to an ‘almost’ teenager who still doesn’t sit still..

It has been a delight raising a wonderful child..

I bought him a  lego mindstorm.. as his birthday gift and I know he will be happy. It has been on his wish list for more than 2 years.

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