My baby will be 13 in a few days.
Where has the 13 years gone?
From a scrawny little baby who weighed 2.7 kg at birth to a beautiful girl on her way to become a beautiful woman..
This morning you asked me if I would make you a cup of earl grey tea as I made mine.
From the child who never drank a drop of water in the first year to the child who only drank strawberry flavoured Nutrigen as a toddler to a teenager who likes to drink earl grey tea.. How much you have changed!!
When you were little, you wouldn’t eat a cookie if it wasn’t in perfect shape ( trust me, it took all my skills to make perfectly round white chocolate cookies you loved).
You also wouldn’t go any where if your hair was not tied properly. ( it was proper to my eyes and not so in your eyes and we used to argue so much about it and I still ended up redoing it, cause you were stubborn enough not to leave the house till it was done to your liking!)
Your room was always tidy. Your stuff always kept where it should be kept..

And now..
you bake cookies and tell me that home made cookies have a character when they are not perfectly shaped!!
It is a miracle that until now none of us have stepped on your hand phone, ipod, your pencil case, lunch box etc that you always leave on the living room carpet!
Your room..I hung the bead curtain, so I do not have to see the mess in your room. it has come to a stage that I am forced to invite one of your friends to come for a sleepover to get you to clean your room. ( Yup, I am smart!!)
and your hair..each time I ask you to comb your hair you tell me..it is just hair ..who cares if I have combed it or not..

I love it when you come and lay down next to me in the evening and read. ( I hate it when you hog my blanket and my pillow) I love it when you get me books from your library.
I do wake up before you in the morning and wait for you to come to my room to wake me up, cause I know you will snuggle next to me for few mints..I cherish those moments.
I am still trying to figure out how do I end up buying clothes for you when we have gone to the mall to look for work clothes for me!!
I was amazed to learn how much you know, when you explained to me why Marijuana is better than Ecstasy as a choice of drug..
I loved your passion when you argued why cage eggs should be banned in Australia.

I asked you what you want for your birthday and you said you wanted an ipod touch..
You know very well that I won’t buy you an ipod touch, cause you already have a 32 gig Ipod nano and I think that is good enough,
So for your birthday, I am giving you something unusual.
I got you a bank account and a debit card. I have deposited 500$ for you.
You can use your card and spend the money however you want..
there is a catch though. ( yup, there is always a catch.. Did you really think that I would give you 500 bucks without a catch??)
Each year, from now till your 18th birthday, I will add whatever is the balance in your account to a maximum of 500$ every birthday.
ie, if you have not touched a penny, I will deposit 500$
If you spend all your money.. you get nothing ( So no gifts till your 18th birthday !!)
If you spend 100, I will add 400.
And knowing that you are my child and have inherited my cheekiness, you might think of not touching the money in year 1 and spend 500 in year 2, cause there is still 500 in the account. It won’t work. We will be working on year to year basis and not on cumulative basis.
So at the end, if you haven’t spend any money on your 18th birthday you will have 3000$ ..and you dad has agreed to match a dollar for a dollar on your 18th birthday.
Knowing how you like to spend money..Will you??
Time will tell..
Happy Birthday Yaya..
I know life isn’t a bed of roses as a teenager.. what with a mom who never understands.. ( I had a very similar mother, so trust me, I know !!)
You will have your share of heartbreaks, lousy friends, mean friends, annoying friends and totally annoying family..
All I want to tell you is that, I will always be there for you..ALWAYS.
I may not agree with you, I may scream at you, I may not let you do what you want to do.. but even when the whole world turns against you.. I will be there..for you.
You are and you will always be my darling..remember that always,

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  1. All I want to tell you is that, I will always be there for you..ALWAYS.
    I may not agree with you, I may scream at you, I may not let you do what you want to do.. but even when the whole world turns against you.. I will be there..for you

    Iam sure this will be your great birthday gift to her than anything else.

  2. I love that idea! Couldn't afford to do it at that level, but definitely something to think about for my daughter's next bday – she'll be 14. Happy bday to your baby. They'll always be our babies!

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