She was my friend. She stays 2 blocks from where I live. Her son and my son are best friends. Her daughter and my youngest were best freinds last year. This year they were in two different classes. But they still play during recess

We had regular play dates and sleepovers, till Amma came to live with us.
The first time she came to visit after Amma moved in, Amma didn’t say a word to her. Amma just sat on the chair next to her and pretended that she didn’t exist.
I knew my mother’s actions were uncomfortable for anyone to accept.
My mother also brought only one nighty with her that she wears everyday with a faded black skirt.. Can’t buy her a new one from here because she doesn’t like anything that is available here.
I found it extremely humiliating to invite friends over when my mother is wearing her uniform and then won’t talk to anyone. So I stopped inviting friends over.
Yesterday was her daughter’s birthday party. She didn’t invite my daughter.
baby hasn’t stopped crying. ( My daughter had even bought her a gift from Canada)
I want to scream.
I wish I could take my children and run.. some where far far away.

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  1. Why take such a harsh stance about not having friends over?

    Maybe you can just explain to your friends that your mother has a different attitude when it comes to house guests and leave it at that!

  2. Chaos: Would you come to my house if my mother sit next to you and not talk to you and pretend that you don't exist over and over and not just once?
    Would you invite someone over, if your mother is wearing the same outfit from January every single day?
    May be the problem is me. I am just tired of giving excuses for my mother's behaviour.

  3. Sarah I can totally understand why you don't invite anyone over. Only someone who has actually been there in a similar situation will understand how painful it is. There is no imagining the embarrassment and discomfiture that comes with it.

  4. Sarah,

    If you asked me the same question as you asked Chaos I would say “YES”. My friends are important to me…and I can overlook a LOT more than than their moms ignoring me. And if I couldn't invite friends home, I would make sure I go out and meet them some place else. I feel really bad for your daughter. Give her a hug from me.

  5. Its really hard and sad situation. But as its going to a be a situation for kinda long(mom being with u), only option you might have is not to hide about it but to tell ur friends about her nature. I don't think mom may find it easy to change her attitude

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