Yesterday while trying to reach Linksys customer support using my hand phone, I had to call them twice. Not because the phone lines were bad, but because my phone battery will not last more than 15-20 minutes! even after a full charge.
I know I should get a new battery.
May be a new phone.
But I won’t.
Every time I have to spend money on me, I will think of a million other things ‘that’ money can be used to buy. For example I can buy the entire collection of Harry Potter for my son. Or Yaya’s favourite books.Or more Ocean books for baby. The never ending list of more important things.

Then I remember the woman who wore cream blouse with every single saree, be it a mustard yellow Binny silk or dark green Pochampalli, who ate all the valicha sambar because she couldn’t bear to waste money. She never spend a dime on herself because she had 4 daughters to marry off. She too had the list of more important things!

And I wanted to be different.
Funny! when I am walking in the shadows!

Thank you all for the comments as to how to reset my Linksys.
This is what I did
I disconnected the power supply to Lynksis like Maddy mentioned and after half an hour connected it back, reset the Linksys.. then the phone worked. Then I used the desktop and went to Linksys website, logged in using admin as user name and password. Reset the Linksys, changed the WEP and then with new keys logged in to the network using my laptop.
Did I do the right thing?
Is my network secure?
is there anything else I need to do?

One more thing
If you are looking for Harry Potter books, Scholastic has a pretty good deal. 28 USD for all 6 Harry Potter books( paperbacks). There is a catch though, you need to live in US, use an American credit card to buy and must have an American address for them to ship. Details here

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  1. I think you did ok with your router and u are reasonably secure now.

    However if u want to increase security you should use WPA and not WEP. I heard that there is a new version of WPA since the old one got cracked.

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