The king ( he declared himself to be the king, because he is the only boy in the family) is turning 9 soon and I am off to buy a surprise Birthday gift for him. Can do that only when the kids are at school.
After that I am treating myself to a Hazelnut hot smoothie at Timmy’s.
Then I am going for walk ( to lose the weight I might gain after the hot smoothie, nah kidding..It is a beautiful day and it is time I cleared the cobwebs old man winter had left in my brain)
Then I am going to read Celtic Mythology.
Here is hoping that all of you will have a day that stars well and ends well..
Carpe Diem

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  1. Ann: Thank you

    Cute Dimple: Yep.. Got the complete collection of Harry Porter, few Garfield books and a Mario cart Wii game.
    Yaya bought a binoculars and baby bought 2 carons of Pringles Chips as a gift for their brother. ( His favourite chips)
    He wanted a chocolate cake for his birthday. So I baked a chocolate cake and we ordered Panago Pizza and had Pizza and cake for dinner. Perfect birthday!

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