Can someone help me?
I have Lynksys Wireless router and the damn thing stopped working this morning, effectively disconnecting my phone and internet. Calling Lynksys is a pain in the …. and after putting me on hold for almost 30 minutes, they want me to pay 39 USD to reset the router.. Which I consider exorbitant
I tried to access the internet using my desktop..but that too isn’t working.
I tried using admin as the User Name and PW and tried to reset the Lynksys.. No luck
I am at the library now and if anyone knows how I can save my hard earned 39 USD, please leave a comment.

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  1. if u look in the manuals u will see that there is a reset switch on the back of router. u will need a pin or something similar to reset it.switch on the router press and hold reset switch for around 5 seconds. this will reset your router.

  2. $39 is too much to pay for repair when you can get a new one for 20 bucks, or a used one for even less.

    If nothing works, just replace the router. Repair is too expensive.

  3. 1) Try ‘admin’ and ‘password’ as the username/password. One of the defaults. Once you are able to get to the router page you have the option to configure the router again which sometimes work.

    2) Are you getting any IP address on the desktop? “ipconfig” in the command window will tell you

    3) If there is an IP address it means problem is with the internet connection

  4. You provided very little information to troubleshoot.
    Please provide more info, someone might be able to help you.
    1. what is the router model number?
    2. Are you getting the password wrong message when you try loggind into the router webpage?
    3. What is this statement supposed to mean – “I tried to access the internet using my desktop…but that too isn’t working” You mean connecting desktop directly to the cable modem? (assuming you are having a cable modem).
    If you connect a new device (computer/router) to a modem without switching it on and off, modem won’t give IP to the device. (something to do with MAC ID)

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