Today, I am feeling lazy..

I am half way through reading Roughing it in the bush by Susanna Moodie.

I baked strawberry shortcake for my Children’s school snack this morning.. and now as I am eating my share of the shortcake..I feel like just lazing around ..

May be I will finish reading the book.

May be I will go for a walk. The weather has been beautiful the last few days.

But surely I will see ya all tomorrow!!!

Oh before I forget.. Jina to answer your question..

I went to buy grocery yesterday.. and I can see almost 90 % of the items that the guy in front of me at the till had in his shopping cart. I wasn’t really looking to see what he bought.. But I saw him putting the stuff on the counter and it registers in my brain without me ever having to make an effort. ( 10% of the stuff I can’t see were the ones he kept on the counter when I was looking at the kids who were playing hide and seek in the next aisle.) I also can see what the lady who was standing in the next aisle was wearing.. what her kids were wearing. Even the elderly couple behind her..But at the same time, I didn’t know what was the price of tomato. By right, it should have registered in my brain. I did look at the price before I picked the tomatoes. But it didn’t.. All I can see are the aisles where the vegetables are displayed..I know exactly which aisle had the tomatoes… but not the price.

The same with past events.. I can’t see every single day of the past 37 years.. But I can see the events that some for some strange reason I like to remember..I know what I wore at that particular time, Most of the time I can even see the paper/book etc that I was reading.. and for the thought process..If I saw a handsome guy and thought that he was handsome.. then I remember it like that..

I have one more weird skill.. I can spell backwards!!!

Confusing eh??

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  1. Wow..That surely is a gift..Something I wish I had when I was a child..;)..
    I know a friend who can remember stuff from books when quoted page numbers..but even he is not as phenomenal as u r..
    Thats quite cool!!
    Your kids must be bragging abt ya..:)Which they should..

    Yeah…the human mind works in mysterious ways..being a psychology major, I should know that much..But certain things never cease to amaze me..
    And right now, I am more than amazed..
    thanx for explaining!!

  2. Yes, Photographic memory is how I passed most of my exams, just barely reading pages. When I used to write my answers on sheet, I had to turn the page in my head, to see what was on the next page. It is that good.

    I remember all the roads, signs, smells, how the weather was, sunny, cloudy and how I was running to the car, going slowly, carrying my son, or walking, if I stopped on certain light or not…all the details.

    Recently I went to a new city. I wanted to go to Panera Bread for lunch, and for some reason, our search on GPS was not showing it. We had passed a road near our hotel, and I had seen Panera and other places, boards while just passing from car. I told him that adjact structure of the and location of panera, along with the color of boards, building etc. and we went to the lunch to Panera.

    Most improtant thing in this kind of memory is: if you saw it, it will be printed like a photo and you can get it back any time. For my, like I am looking into some old file and page is right infront of me to read.

  3. Sarah:
    Thats absolutely great…
    And well, I would definitely brag if i was a kid..:)
    But well, your daughter has ur won gift to brag..
    After all you had been through, these amazing things are probably ur blessings..
    The memory, the painting with the words, the cooking skills and above all, the absolute love……

    gardenlane: I am sure its a great gift

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