Happy Onam

Last night, after yet another session of Mahabeli story, Yaya asked me
“Mama, why did the King Mahabeli want to come and visit his subjects? Why did he ask for such a request, when he could have asked so many things?”

Honestly, until last night I never thought about it. For me it was just a story behind Onam celebration.
Her question made me think and I realized the answer probably is, like every Malayalee who is staying outside Kerala, a part of him yearns to go back..

Back to the magic of malayalee childhood,
Munching the banana chips while sitting on the swing,
Singing Kuttanadan Punchayiley and while pretending to row the boats
Watching the vallam kali,
Dancing along with kaduva kali troupe
and of course the eating sadya with all the family members.

So I told her, Mahabeli is a Malayalee and all Malayalees love their home and want to return home, at least in their mind they would!
She looked at me and I knew what she was going to ask and before she could, I answered
“Yes, I do, every Onam I want to go back home”
She smiled and shook her head
“No Mama, I was going to ask, how does King Mahabeli travel? Santa uses reindeer sleigh, what about King Mahabeli?”
Her brother who was silent up until that moment replied
“He uses his Umbrella Duh!”

Wishing you all a very happy Onam

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