Few days ago, my youngest came to the kitchen while I was making dinner and very casually mentioned that ” Mom. I think I need to lose some weight” And Actually if it wasn’t for Yaya, I wouldn’t have heard that sentence, for you see I have mastered the art of blocking out. I was thinking of something else and nodded my head.

“What did you say Baby? Mom, Did you hear what she said?” Yaya asked.

Obviously I haven’t and Yaya repeated what baby had just said.

There are better ways of handling a child’s insecurities. But at that particular moment, I wasn’t in the best state of mind and I did what I am really good. I told her off for being silly. For goodness sake, she just turned 11 and her BMI is right for her age.

In hindsight, I should have known where the insecurities are coming from.. From the time Baby was young, Yaya has always picked on her telling her that “you will be fat” because baby eats a lot of chocolate, I am not exaggerating, she can eat a whole chocolate cake all be herself in one sitting. The same with a bar of chocolate. And I have told Yaya over and over to lay off, but being the older sister, Yaya thinks it is her responsibility to ensure the health and well being of her siblings.

Yesterday evening, I saw baby going to the washroom to weigh herself. Then she came out and said “I don’t care what my weight is” and before I could ask anything she asked “mom, can I go for a walk”

“Why?” I asked her. She was very agitated and didn’t bother to reply. Instead she just took off for walking.

When she came back I showed her how to work out her BMI, I showed her the growth chart and she herself checked her weight vs height and noticed that her weight is normal. ( It took a mammoth effort to get her to sit and look at the chart, for she kept on saying “I don’t care, I don’t want to see etc etc”)

For dinner, she wanted only one dosai..( It is her favourite meal and she usually eats 3 at least)

This must be a temporary state..she might outgrow this insecurities..I am so worried..



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