When I was young, every time my father went out of station/country, I looked forward to his return. He always brought a bar of single bar, that my sisters and I had to divide equally and share. ( It was no easy task dividing a ‘5 star’ chocolate in to 4 equal parts) Once we had our share, then we waited to see who ate theirs first, so we could torment them while eating ours slowly! This process of waiting and tormenting was what made me decide that, One day I will have a house of my own and I will build a Chocolate bunker underneath. The next time I remember is when Beautiful Eyes gave me a giant bar of Cadbury’s fruit and nut Chocolate for my 18th birthday. He gave me the chocolate because he said building a chocolate bunker was a tad difficult, especially because he didn’t want to kill the ants, but if I really wanted it, then he will surely build it for me. And I remember laughing, thinking how silly my wishes were when I was young.,

But over the years, the cravings for Chocolate vanished. The only exception would be Daim chocolates. I can eat a full packet without any qualms.

When I had kids, I didn’t want them to act like manic wild animals when they see a bar of chocolate( typical Mallu kids behaviour..just like how my sisters and I were) and didn’t want to add a luxury value for something cheap. I always bought chocolate when I went to buy groceries. It was in my shopping list. I still do. Yaya and Toothless don’t care much for chocolates. But not baby. I remember buying her a giant hershey’s kisses for her 4th bday ( as usual the crappy last minute bday gifts we always end up buying for her) and she finished eating it before the morning was over. I know she is addicted to chocolate, though I don’t understand how the addiction works.

I have tried to restrict her chocolate intake and decided not to buy chocolate one time and found her baking a chocolate cake that evening. She baked brownies the next day and when the cocoa powder was over, she used milo in lieu of cocoa to bake muffins. I bought her chocolates on day 4 because I realized that I couldn’t beat her in this game and might as well give up. I got my GP friend involved and the doctor explained to baby that eating anything in excess is detrimental to health and baby and the Dr agreed to a truce, where she is allowed to eat 3 squares of a chocolate bar each day. She follows the rule religiously and I bake her a tray of brownies every Friday as a treat.

I was going to write about how I was planning to deal with baby’s body image issues..and much as I try not to think.. I can still see the Beautiful Naga holding the giant fruit and nut bar in his hand.. Sometimes, memories is all I have

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  1. You also have 3 beautiful little ones who you care deeply about and who love you..and one of whom is worrying you with her image issues..:)

    • MS: I really worry about my daughter’s body image issue. This is the age where things can go out of control and I am scared

  2. Naga boy!! Isn’t it a bit weird that you still remember him a lot? I mean even after having 3 kids with someone else…i hope you reunite withhim in next birth, if you believe in one.

    • Lux: As I was driving back home yesterday, I noticed a wedge tailed eagle flying so low and it flew right over my car. The sensible part of me can tell you that there are wedge tailed eagles nesting in my suburb, and the other part of me can tell you that Nagas have so many stories about coming back to earth in the form of eagles/owls. Why would it be weird that I remember him even now..death is just a passing phase.. he may not be with me in the physical sense.. But I know he is always there with me. He lives through my memories.

      • Just because she had kids with someone else does not take her right away of think of someone she loved and who loved her deeply. You constantly think of the person you have lost. Just because she deeply loves her lost one, does not mean she is not being honest in her feelings for another. This is not a zero sum game, where more to one automatically means less to another.

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