Reading and censorship

I still don’t understand, why couldn’t we hv lots and lots of books available in Malaysia? I hv been to the national library 2 times. it was so disappointing. They even censor books there. No vilence and sex and romance.. Then there is this thing about timing. God alone knows when the library is opened and when it is closed. They have changed their schedule so often tht even they themselves don’t know the time. Then there is this dress code. Come on.. Why should we impose values on others?
In KL, my daughter’s (private) school was still organizing their library.. ie they hvn’t sorted the codes and so the library is not opened. The school is over 8 years old!!!
Here kids get a new book every day at school. public library is opened from 8.30 AM till 9 PM in winter and till 5.30PM in summer. They can borrow 30 books /person for 3 weeks. And I no longer hv to buy any books. All the novels and magazines I want to read is available in the library. Believe me, it is a pleasure to read a magazine with woman’s breast not disfigured by the ugly censor’s black ink all over it.

Why is breast a big issue? Every man drank his first drink from there.. Why is it an isuue having a woman’s breast picture on a magazine? U hv advertisements on shampoos, shoes, women in nice sexy bra.. why blacken only one picture? I think the govt has a problem, not the people. They assume a man gets turned on seeing the breast picture and then what? He would run across the street looking for breast action?
It is really possible tht the religeous zealot who made tht rule “{ tht all breast must be blackened} is probably the sicko who gets turned on with such pictures and hv decreed tht no breast.. even in women’s magazine.
And we hv a country with the highest number of incest in the world.. So who needs censorship?
Allow people to read… We already lost a generation of malaysians by the language switch, now we are creating another generation of ignoramous bunch

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  1. Canada have a really brilliant system of education, i like their library network there, you can borrow from any branch, request from any branch, is soo open, so free… tat is the true meaning a library. How long ya been in BC? I was over in Edmonton for a few years, gosh, i really miss the place and weather. cheers!

    i think the more ya censor, the worst it is.

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