My faith and their faith

Faith is a tricky term, which eventually leads to religion which leads right back to faith. Now this is where I am stuck. When I was a med student zeons ago, I remember my first visit to the operation theator..while the surgeon opened up the abdomen of the patient, I could see this intricate arterial networks tht even the most intelligent person could never design.(hey even now no one can design a human brain and put it in something as small as a skull eh??)Tht kind of convinced me tht there must be something more intelligent than human form to have designed or produced us humans. Silly argument, probably.. But my problem arises from the fact tht I hv no name for tht super intelligent form.

I have been raised in an extremely religious family…Now the problem is my family religion says you should believe in our god to go to heaven.. Then wht will happen to those who don’t believe in our religion? Where would they go?

Then there is this problem, where history teaches us tht Hinduism is the oldest religion.. So who created the rest of the religions tht followed ?

My problem is how do i raise my kids? Wht exactly do i tell them? Raise them the way i was raised, though I no longer subscribe to tht belief?
Why is life so complicated? Would it be ok..if i teach them to be just human and do the right always without worrying about sin and hell? Would I be able to do it?

oh u speak English very well

In the last 14 years I hv often heard the dialogue”oh you speak very good english” every time I am in the company of matsaleh’s. I really don’t understand wht is the big deal in knowing and speaking a language tht is spoken in most part of the world. It is just a language tht has been forced down the throat of my ancesstors, when they became British Subjects..And now we still have oxymorones who think tht their language is so special tht u r privilleged to speak it? Or is it tht these oxymorones think tht the brown coloured(or wht ever ur skin colour) hv less grey matter in the brain tht only a few can speak English?
I absolutely hate when people hv the notion tht Asians are backward, illiterate and ningkampoops. I met a lady yesterday who told me proudly tht she goes via Singapore, and never bothered to visit Malaysia, because she knows it is BACKWARD!!!!!. oh puhlessssse.. malaysia backward? Wht exactly make Malaysia backward compares to Singapore. How did people get all these notions? Wht next? We hv cannibals in Malaysia?
To all those who read this blog
Malaysia is not a backward country. If it wasn’t for the policies of select few ignoramous politicians, i would hv never left the country. Most of us speak good english, some speak better manglish. We hv the most beautiful islands, hill stations. We hv the magnificient twin towers. and also few of the best colonial buildings in Asia.You don’t see people begging on the street. and it is not a welfare state. People work for a living.
There are not many countries, where you can find Malays, Chinese,Indians,Kadazans, Dunsuns and Ibans living together in harmony. There is not many places on planet earth, where you can walk in to a food court and eat Nasi Lemak, Dosai and noodles, not to mention western food like steak with mushroom sauce.

Remembrance day

Wht do i remember? I am not sure. i like the many of my generation hv n’t seen war. But I see the peace and tht peace was brought with the blood of many. It is unfortunate tht Malaysia don’t remember the remembrance day. Somehow we hv forgotten the price people paid so tht we be free. We hv forgotten the allied troops tht shed blood.
So here I am remembering the freedom that i cherish the most was paid by blood of so many. And here I am hoping tht I would never lose the freedom and tht Human beings know and learn to live and let live.
on the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11 month, take a 2 minute break.. remember those who died.. for us. The least we can do

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly,
Scarce heard amid the guns below.
We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie,

In Flanders fields.
Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Environment.. how we kill

The park near home where the salmon came home was the success story of how each can work together to save the environment. 50 years ago only 2 salmon came home. this yr in a day 100 salmon came home..showing tht 5 yrs ago more than 100 salmon survived in the creeks around the park.
There are laws abt storm drains, people know not to enter or walk in the creek, so the eggs won’t be damaged. They check the water for chemicals every month.At the park there were 12 stalls, all run by volunteers, who taught the kids salmon life cycle, wht they should do to protect the salmon and why they should do it
Now think of klnag river.. wht happend to it? Why is a first world infrastructure country can’t even hv one single clean river?
Why is it a capital of 1.3 million people don’t hv any sense to recycle? I remember the face of the cashier at Carrefour, when I told her I am environmentally friendly and don’t need the plastic bag.We hv so many campaigns.. yet we see trash and plastic bags every where.
How long more we should wait before the entire eco system of Malaysia dies?

Salmon Homecoming

The park near home hd a salmon homecoming party yesterday. When we left home, it ws a beautiful day, sun was shining and kids and I were dressed normally.. just a jacket.
Wht exactly is Salmon homecoming?

it is a mystery.. it is magical. it is amazing..

mama salmon swims against the current from the sea to where she was born 5 yrs ago to lay the eggs. papa salmon fertilises them.. then they both the place where they were born..the fertlised egg hatches one day, the baby salmon survives in the fresh water for a year and then swims away to the ocean.. fresh water to salty water and lives in the ocean for 3 to 4 yrs, then come back home to spawn and die. It is incredible.

We saw the salmon swimming upstream.. it was really beautiful.. then something happend.. the sky just opened and poured tons of hail… caught 4 Malaysians totally unaware.. the car was parked a KM away.. I still don’t know how we managed the walk back to the car. but i now hv 4 sick people at home

calling the directory service

Me driving half way to downtown vancouver to meet someone and already late by 15 mints and the traffic is in standstill mode. I had forgetten to put my brain in my head and left the phone number of my friend at home. Since she is waiting at the starbucks, I thought i would call them directly and ask the to pass the message tht i am held up.
Me dial 411
Machine: welcome to telus telephone assistance.pls state ur place and province
Me: Vancouver. BC
Machine: wht number do u want
Me: Starbucks
Machine: I think u said u want Dr. Ling ming dental surgery
Me: No
Machine: Sorry abt tht
Me. Starbucks
Machine: I think u said u want the help the age number
Machine:Sorry abt tht
Me:Staaaaaaaaaar Backssssssssssss
Machine:I think u want vancouver central number
Machine:Hold on.. I will transfer you to the operator.

Still want to know how my day was???

I am a trillionaire!!!!

In the last 1 year i hv won the first price in 7 online lotto, each win approx 30 million USD. Many bankers from Cairo to Hong Kong has checked my background and found me suitable to give my personal identity to the relative/mother/father/sister of many famous people, so they can send their money to MY ACCOUNT. Even Nadia Arafat wrote to me asking for my help to transfer her money(150
I learned in the last 1 year that the world has indeed become a better place to live. Whereelse would you find kind souls to buy ticket in my name using my email identity and then letting me know tht I hv won..!!!
Think how famous I am to receive letters from vice presidents and kith and kin of former president of most parts of Africa.
The worst part is I hv been hitting the spam icon on my yahoo each time i get these mails, But the good will is never ending..must be my lucky year..

Happy Halloween

Kids hd so much fun last night. We(read me) carved the pumpkin..3 pumpkin…one for each child and we placed a tealight candle inside. My older one hd fever the whole of sunday, but she was having a great halloween party in school on Monday and I couldn’t disappoint her. Years ago, when I was a little girl, I couldn’t attend a school function, where I was supposed to be the queen(the only time!!!), cause I had fever and my mom refused to let me go. I didn’t want my daughter to go through tht feeling, so she went.. with PCM syrup in a bottle.(i stay 3 mints away from school, so I could still be there in a jiffy if she had high fever)
She had so much fun at school.
In the evening the kids were dressed up. girls as princess/fairy…crown, magic wand and pink costume.. Boy was a bat man. I hv never ever gone for trick or treat.. and was a bit of apprehensive..more like I hd no idea wht to do. I guess kids are more adaptabile thn adults. They just went on their own to each door and knocked and said trick or treat… two things I was very happy with.. older ones made sure tht their baby sister too got the treat each time. After they got the candy, they wished the giver happy halloween and thank you for the candies.. Tht was really sweet of the kids. We went to 15 houses( actually till they got their bags full) they carried a small carry bag. They got so much of candies and would take while to finish them.. I did see kids carrying pillow cases, so they could carry more sweets.. I am sure my kids would be doing tht in few years
Happy halloween folks..