Human rights in Malaysia

some how the word human rights hv morphed in to Malay rights in Malaysia, and in the process lost the meaning.

Wht is human rights
when muslim can buy a property for 7 to 10% discount and non muslims will hv to fork out the entire amount?
the rule is meant to enable the poor muslim bretheren to own property.. some how his rich bretheren is also getting a discount, meanwhile the poor non muslim hv to just curse his bad luck or fate..
getting a job..
all over the world there are policies ensuring tht ethnic minority gets some respite finding a job. In Malaysia, ethnic majority, ie the muslims gets 30% reserved for them. ie every company must make sure tht atleast 30% of their staff is muslim
importing a car
muslims gets speacial permits to import cars tht they then sell to non muslims at a higher rate
University education
the 30% quota even applies to University admission. Unfortunately it is not restricted to the amount of grey matter in one’s head. Many highly intelligent non muslims are sidelined each year with one excuse or the other, while the muslims are getting admission with hardly an average grade.
rights of worship
According to the constitution, non muslims hv equal rights.. but when it comes to religion, u can’t hv a bible in malay, lest all our muslim bretheren converts!! It is not an issue tht 30 yrs kids hv learned malay in school and tht some christian kids does need a malay bible.
u can’t hv a church/temple in the state capital of Shah alam.
average every 2 km there is a mosque or surau in the housing enable our muslim bretheren to pray. But the non muslims.. oh they are not going to heaven anyway.. so why bother building places of worship for them.. infact muslim enforcement officers demolish hindu temples.. ofcourse they were built without a license.. which muslim bretheren is kind hearted enough to grant the license?

Malaysia is a beautiful country run by idiots, who hv been elected to power by idiots. How can there be human rights in Malaysia when they treat 40% of the population as dirt..

7 thoughts on “Human rights in Malaysia

  1. i say, a pityful attempt to shield their own weaknesses, why be so afraid of conversion? why be afraid of fair play? leveled competition? its all to gain unfair advantage cuz they are afraid, thats why.


  2. for your information there are many indian temples in malaysia. basically they are everywhere. in subang jaya alone theres 3 temples not to mention in petaling jaya. theres also a big indian temple outside mid valley mega mall. whenever a indian put a shrine by the road side or by the three it will turn to a temple by end of the year and the government doestn’t say anything.

  3. Malaysian govt provides discounts to Bumiputera. Bumiputera are people who originated in malaysia. There are not just muslims, Bumiputera consist of Malay-Muslim, Iban, Kadazan, Dayak which are mainly Christians or Budhist. For example whenever any other people marries a bumiputera their kids are entitled to this benefits too. Which i think its fair.

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