How much do u love?

Each morning i drop the older one to school. It was very cold this morning and I was cursing. She was her sweet kind self and she asked me how much do you love me mama? And i responded, much more than anything in the world. Which ofcourse is nothing but the truth. She asked me taller thn the mountain.. And i said yes
Then she trurned around and asked me how much do you love urself mama? Wow, tht question stunned me, cause i hv no idea how much i love myself. Well I don’t even know if i love myself.
I don’t hv much complaints abt me. I am like a rolling stone, goes along the flow of the river. Not too ambitious. Hate shopping. Can wear the same clothes for 10 years and still wearing. I am just me.. but do I love myself? Do u love urself?

5 thoughts on “How much do u love?

  1. well tempting there, nice but ya have to admit, short shelf life.

    i wanna be a bird of prey, flying here n there, going places, terrorising rabbits, kids and womenfolk… bwhahaha….


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